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DECORATIVE TRANSPARENCIES FOR GLASS.Ask us for availability on the plans...
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Create whatever you want with these 4 jars Playdoh...
Ex Tax:3.22€
Ask us for the availability of colours...
Ex Tax:2.18€
Features different moulds on the lid to create fun shapes!Age 2+ Contains wheat...
Ex Tax:4.83€
Η Staedtler presents the revolutionary clay Fimo Leather Effect, a polymeric clay which, after firing its appearance and texture is like real leather!The thin pieces of Fimo Leather Effect can to be curved, sewn and integrated.Ideal for creation jewellery, accessories and decorative objects!Η "inten..
Ex Tax:1.53€
The clay Fimo Soft and Effect 57 is ideal for the creation of decorative objects, jewellery and not only.Create unique jewellery and other decorative objects with clay Staedtler Fimo.- Bold colours that remain unchanged over timeBake in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for 30minutes until firm. When ..
Ex Tax:1.53€
Showing 1 to 12 of 915 (77 Pages)
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