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Children's Books 4-6 Years

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The book is addressed to children attending kindergarten, but also to parents and teachers who want to engage children creatively. The book: ''My little bee and me at the kindergarten!'' is based on the principles of the New Curriculum of the Ministry of Education. It includes worksheets from the..
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It is not always easy to show our true feelings. This is even more true for boys, who get a lot of messages from their environment, verbal and non-verbal, that push them to hide their feelings, rely on themselves, be tough and not cry. However, it is very important for everyone to be able to openly ..
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The book-puzzle helps children get to know the animals that live on a farm.Children have fun assembling the beautiful puzzles!..
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The book-puzzle helps children to identify the different means of transport.Children have fun assembling the beautiful puzzles!..
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An original book with fun activities that will help children develop their imagination and sharpen their observation skills. Through play and drawing, children take their first steps towards knowledge in a simple and creative way.A book full of surprises that will surely become children's best fri..
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Discover the fascinating world of ancient Greek mythology and meet its protagonists. Some of them are incredibly brave, some have amazing intelligence and others have terrifying strength. You will certainly never forget them.!Through the impressive pages of this book you will learn about Zeus, the m..
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In the ages of 5, 6 and 7 years, children have already developed basic skills such as writing, reading, knowing numbers and many others. Of course, it is important to practice these skills in combination with fun.Each exercise in this wonderful book, written by teachers and educators, serves a skill..
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One sunny Sunday, the caterpillar emerged from a tiny egg. She was terribly hungry. On Monday, she ate an apple on Tuesday, ate two pears on Wednesday, ate three plums - and he was still hungry. The illustration -with bold, bright colours- and the simple text, printed in large, easy-to-read type, te..
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Did you know that the Duplicate was the size of a house and that the Tyrannosaurus could swallow you whole;Travel through time and meet the amazing dinosaurs.- The striking colourful photographs and simple text will delight young readers.- Instructions for parents, kindergarten teachers and teachers..
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You believe in the power of friendship;Sita and her friends believe! And when they meet the Asterozoa, a new magical world unfolds before them.As soon as Westcombe entered the competition for the most beautiful town, mysterious things started to happen at night. The girls were certain that their bel..
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Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a king. Knights, cooks, gardeners, troubadours, maids and guards served him, enduring his endless grumblings and whims. The adjutant of the palace was a boy, Horace, who, despite the king's whims and mischiefs, served him faithfully. What happens when..
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Have you ever wondered where and how dinosaur fossils were found; You want to discover dinosaurs too; How palaeontologists work and what fossils they have discovered; What evidence is there for Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops;-Read the "Fossil Hunter's Handbook", which you will find in the book...
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