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Once again, STABILO brings out the spirit of innovation by creating the new STABILO NEOΝ, with a modern elegant design reminiscent of a fashion accessory.An accessory to always have it with you and give color to your texts. Made of soft material to make it comfortable and pleasant for someone to hol..
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Spare ampoule for the board markers V-Board.Refill the marker for greater economy.The ink is easily erased from any whiteboard, leaving no marks.Ink colour: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Orange..
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To V-Board is the Master of the whiteboard markers.It features a sophisticated continuous ink flow system that requires no shaking and offers uniform writing down to the last drop.The ink is easily erased from any whiteboard, leaving no marks.It is made of recyclable material.Accepts a replacement a..
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Marker board 360XL EddingRefillable whiteboard marker with plastic stem and round tip. Cleans easily from the surface of the board and has a neutral odour. It is alcohol based and can last up to 3 days without a lid.Marker suitable for writing and labelling on white melamine, glass and enamel boards..
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Ο edding 250 is a marker suitable for writing and labelling on white melamine, glass and enamel boards. Available in 10 colours black, red, blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, violet, pink and light blue. The ink is lightfast, dries quickly, cleans easily with a board sponge and is neutral in ..
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Underlining marker Stabilo Shine with minimalist design and bright colours.For all students, students and those who set the new fashion trends, who want to differentiate themselves with a stylish black underlining marker and give their notes their personal touch.For all those who are looking for a f..
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Pentel MWL5M Maxiflo whiteboard marker. The markers have the system Maxiflo which guarantees use of the marker until the last drop! When it starts to blur, simply place the cap on the back of the marker and press once or twice to get the ink down the tip...
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STABILO point 88 Fineliner pen fine writing marker in 25 different colours.Its unique form has made it one of the most recognizable STABILO and fairly considered to be pro?ion with “status” and credibility.The only fine-writing marker in 25 different colors.The felt tip offers smooth and highly accu..
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Painting markers Stabilo Pen 68, in the most original and elegant case of 20 pieces! They're risking every last drop and respond with ease in every situation, whether it is for sharp lines or larger surfaces!Puts your ideas on paper in bright and bold colours for anyone who feels creative!Features:4..
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With the new collection Macaron from the Deli The underlining markers Macaron with the four unique pastel their colours will make your notes stand out! Their nose is specially designed to offer writing range 1mm and 4mm. The ink dries immediately after underlining and is suitable for all types of pa..
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FashionThe most beautiful pastel colours are now available!ComfortCrooked nose, writes from 1 to 5 MeasuresQuality: Light-resistant inkReliability: constant ink flowComfort: soft noseMaxi, ergonomic shape: lasts longer than a standard underscore..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 124 (11 Pages)
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