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A wonderful activity box with the favourite activities SANTORO GORJUSS, ideal for creative occupation of children.Each box includes:• a picture book• a book with colouring pages, games and puzzles• a puzzle with 40 pieces pieces pieces for creative occupation• a board game with 4 pawns-figures• colo..
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O Tiny Dinosaur and his unlikely companion will help young readers learn about colours...
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Incredible dinosaur images!Unfold the pages and see life-size images of the biggest and wildest dinosaurs. Discover the actual size of a leg, a claw, and even the teeth of the Tyrannosaurus rex! Learn how dinosaurs managed to survive and dominate the Earth for 164 millions of years...
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Creative ideas that help young children develop oral communication and foster reading and writing skills. The book contains: Selected crafts which correspond to the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. 24 ringlets-typing. 24 inscriptions with capital letters in movable type...
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Pedagogical series from 3 books entitled «The book I like» for preschool children.The book 1, for very young children up to 4 years oldThe book 2, for preschoolers 4-5 years oldThe book 3, for toddlers 5-6 years oldThe books contain simple and original activities that help children learn basic thing..
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An exciting activity book full of stickers and games to help your child get ready for A’ Primary school. Crazy water games, endless games with sea creatures. The child sorts, compares, matches, measures, cuts, glues, colours, draws, writes, makes puzzles, has fun!..
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In the book The Revolution of 1821 - Heroes and Battles young readers will learn about great war episodes of the Greek Revolution of 1821.Through the rich illustrations, the maps, the comprehensive information and the creative activities that accompany the book, our little friends will travel mental..
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Follow Snow White as she escapes from the evil queen and meets the seven dwarves.This fantastic activity book will entertain children with more than just a few activities. 100 stickers and clever crafts. Wonderful drawings, puzzles and games from the classic favourite fairy tale will keep children c..
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Meet the fruits and vegetables with Mickey, Minnie and their friends! Draw straight, broken and curved lines, write words and find out how beneficial fruits and vegetables are for our health...
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If you can make a full stop, then you are ready to embark on a creative journey. Drawing inspiration from his best-selling book "The Dot", Peter Reynolds begins by asking the reader to make just one dot and sign below it. In the following pages, he encourages him to try variations of this dot: large..
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Sing 7 Dearµa Greek children's songs as you play them on the electronic piano. Inside this wonderful book µthe joyfulµyou will find the lyrics and the basic text of the µmelody of the songs you love! Learn to play the songs easily ''Oh, bunny rabbit.', ''The rooster'', ''The fisherman's boat come..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 71 (6 Pages)
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