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The book "The IQ and his friends in the world of mathematics" for the 5th grade discreetly follows the material of the textbook and functions as a book of repetition and expansion, making creative use of children's free time.The book includes:- 23 Exercise modules of graded difficulty- Annex with sh..
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This book is addressed to the students of the E’ class of the primary school, their teachers and their parents or guardians.It is written in the order of the chapters in the textbook.Contains:• Activities to introduce new concepts.• Theory written in a comprehensible way, so that the student is able..
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NEW SUPPLEMENTED VERSIONIndispensable helpedµa for the µstudent of the E΄ ΔηµThe course is designed to meet the modern approach to the teaching of science...
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The structure and organisation of the book Learning and Practising Language E΄ Primary (issues A΄ and B΄) follows that of the school textbook­ (Student's Book and Workbook) for Language. In particular, the A΄ issue contains eight sections (1η - 8η) and the B΄ issue contains nine sections (9η - 17η)...
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This book contains: - Brief theory, which includes the main points of the course. - Answers to all the questions and group activities in the student book. - Answers to all the activities and assessment sheets in the workbook. - ''I check my knowledge'', at the end of each lesson to check that you h..
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This book offers a systematic presentation of events-milestones in human history and culture from the Roman conquest of Greece, the 2the century BC., until the years of the Byzantine Empire. Specifically, it covers the period between the conquest of Greece by the Romans (146 BC.) and the Fall of Con..
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The books in this series are designed to help primary school students practice spelling, alphabetizing and using the dictionary. Young students copy in them many times and learn the Spelling and Basic Vocabulary of each school subject, as well as additional words and sentences consisting of selected..
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The main requirements for the correct writing of the report are: - right strategy - rich vocabulary. As for the right strategy, this book gives: - a table of the key elements with which we can approach a topic so that it is fully developed and integrated - a table of the language elements we us..
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This resource is aimed at teachers and parents. It includes the solutions to the exercises in the textbooks of all the subjects of the E΄ Primary: Language, Mathematics (new matter 2018-2019), Research & Discover, History, Geography...
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In primary school students are taught the entire grammar of the Modern Greek language, while in secondary school the teaching of Modern Greek is drastically reduced. Therefore, from primary school onwards, the student must acquire a sound basis in spelling, grammar and syntax, while enriching his/he..
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