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Perforator 1 hole. It can drill up to 2 mm (20 leaves 80gr.) with hole diameter 4,5 mm. Dimensions M130 x Π19 x Y62 ect...
Ex Tax:1.61€
Single-hole perforator with hole diameter 4,5mm...
Ex Tax:1.61€
Transformer Disconnector Deli E0112 Punch 10Sheets 6mm with driverAsk us for the availability of colours...
Ex Tax:2.42€
Easy guide Fast and accurate drilling using the guide on the rings of the binder Easy emptying of the confetti from the storage area..
Ex Tax:5.48€
Sewing machine DELI 0123 sturdy metal construction,with an extremely modern design and beautiful colours.Holes 6mm ,hole spacing 80mm international standard.Margin depth 12mm ..Drills up to 20 sheets of paper 80grams .Easy practical lock switch.Ruler for easy centring A4,Α5Ask us for the availabilit..
Ex Tax:4.44€
Perforator Luna Office Economical for simple use in the office or at work. Can drill up to 20 sheets of plain paper with minimal force. It has a plastic gauge to always make the holes in the center of the paper. It has a special flexible rubber base which is also the storage space for the paper scra..
Ex Tax:2.02€
Aluminum perforators with drilling capability up to 65 sheets and guide. Innovative punching mechanism that requires 50% less effort. With non-slip handle...
Ex Tax:39.52€
Perforator 418 has a comfortable handle and has a length of 2,5 mm drills up to 25 pages...
Ex Tax:9.68€
Metallic solid metal pen and easy-to-empty paper container. Drills up to 20 pages...
Ex Tax:7.90€
Showing 1 to 12 of 17 (2 Pages)
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