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Γ' Λυκείου Θετικών Σπουδών & Υγείας

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The books of Pukamisas Publications condense the many years of teaching experience of our authors and constitute the basic educational material used by the students of our schools. Through their continuous use in our classrooms, we ensure their enrichment, their continuous improvement and their scie..
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This book is addressed to the students of the 3rd grade΄ High school orientation group in Science and orientation group in Economics and Computer Science.Contains:• Analytical theory.• Comments in theory, on which the answers to the questions and the solutions to the exercises are based.• Methodolog..
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This book is a complete resource for students in the Health Studies Orientation Group of the 3rd grade, as well as a useful guide for teachers teaching biology. Thanks to its completeness, the validity of the content and the methodical way of its development, it ensures students success in the Natio..
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In C Mathematics΄ There are many new and usually difficult concepts in the high school curriculum, but they can be understood by all students with proper study and systematic practice.This book is a complete aid. The material is divided into sections, each of which contains:• Theory.• Basic solved e..
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This book refers to the physics curriculum of the 3rd grade. In each chapter of the book there is:α. Theory in the form of questions.β. Exemplary solved exercises-problems covering the whole range of material that the student should know.c. Questions to be answered which are classified into 4 Accusa..
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This book contains the funds added at syllabus of the Biology C course΄ Lyceum for the Panhellenic Examinations 2021.Initially a brief review of terms and concepts discussed in previous classes that help to understand the theory and avoid mechanistic memorization.The following chapters include:• Det..
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This book is the first study guide & mixed reality occupations in Greece in which «come to life» the information! A study guide in which you can listen, see and of course read information about all departments of Higher Education and related professions. In this unique book, edited by our scient..
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This book is addressed to students/-the thirds of the C΄ High school students who are candidates/-for admission to the Faculties of Science and Health Sciences.  The book contains 15 iterative evaluation criteria, each of which refers to the whole of the examination syllabus for the school year 2020..
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The educational book Mathematics C΄ High School - The RETURN is addressed to candidates /-of the Orientation Groups of Science Studies and Economics and Computer Studies.It is in accordance with the NEW syllabus and it concerns the Panhellenic Examinations 2021.It is structured in three parts.The A΄..
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This book is an important aid for the students of the third grade of the integrated high school in the field of science.It includes questions, exercises and problems that refer to the material that will be tested in the final examinations of the 3rd Lyceum in Science.The questions, exercises and pro..
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This book contains a part of the physics syllabus of the 3rd grade physics exam, edited according to the requirements of our educational system.For each section developed in the book there are:α. All the theory in the form of questionsβ. Answered exercises - problems, covering the whole range of top..
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