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An original Mathematics book with a variety of creative exercises, but enriched with puzzles and puzzles and all kinds of intellectual games. It is structured in: - 20 Exercise modules, of graded difficulty and accompanied by a short theory, in - annex, but also - analytical solutions in var..
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Students from the first grades of primary school should practice solving mathematical problems. When a student is asked to solve a math problem, he or she is both practicing operations and activating his or her mind, and his or her knowledge so far, about what operation or operations he or she need..
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It is an interesting book that combines: - the methodical weekly review of the material taught - entertainment through a range of enjoyable and creative activities. Our young friends participate in the adventures of the heroes through original exercises, collect points and help them to comple..
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The structure and organisation of the book Learning and Practising in Language B΄ Primary (issues A΄ and B΄) follows the corresponding textbook (Student's Book and Workbook) for Language. In particular, each issue contains twelve sections (Α΄ Issue : modules 1the up to 12the and B΄ Issue : modules 1..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 37 (4 Pages)
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