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In this small dictionary (pocket version) recorded the basic words (About 25.000) of the modern Modern Greek vocabulary and their main features of form and meanings are presented in a concise manner. The spelling of the words conforms to the rules of official grammar. The dictionary of Patakis Publi..
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The "Spelling Dictionary" of Modern Greek is a practical and handy guide for all those who are interested in the correct spelling of words. Based on the spelling rules of school grammar, it includes: 50.000 words, Tables of principal names (people and places), Rules of the monotone system...
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The Dictionary is addressed to secondary school students and fellow teachers. The main aim of this book is to help all those involved in the study of ancient Greek language.The selection of the verbs was based on their frequency of occurrence in the texts of Attica prose and their presence in the te..
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The Dictionary of Ancient Greek Verbs is one of the most necessary resources for anyone studying ancient Greek. This book, published by the 1973, has now established itself as a valuable companion and assistant to high school students. It is also a useful aid in the hands of students and teachers of..
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Professor Georgios Babiniotis answers the questions posed by journalist Yannis N. Baskozos on the essence, quality, evolution, affinity and origin of language. On schooling and education, the quality and focus of the Greek school, teacher training, university admission, and even on ''hot'' issues su..
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After many years of work, during which he used a variety of material such as encyclopedias, newspaper and magazine articles, monographs and online sources, while contacts were made with relatives and unpublished information was collected from inaccessible sources, the Carditsian doctor of Economic H..
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A modern dictionary of the Turkish language as it is spoken and written today.Includes: Words, phrases and examples with Modern Greek rendering, special terms from many fields of science and current affairs: economics, information technology, law, medicine, biology, etc., as well as place names gram..
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