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School Atlases - Maps - Posters

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It contains tables with:- the population and the area of all prefectures- the height of the largest mountains- the length of the main rivers- the area of the major lakes and plains- thematic maps..
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Come and explore the world! We live on a fascinating planet. Guided by the maps, colourful pictures and texts in this book, we will discover the world around us. So let's travel through its pages across the globe and discover the special features of each type...
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With simple designs, simplicity in colours, easy explanations, clear symbols and references, characteristic photographs that remain in our memory, graphs that present statistical data, avoiding those difficult and boring tables of information, floor plans and representations of important archaeologi..
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Dimensions 70x100 cmIt contains tables showing the flags, area and population of the countries of Europe...
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Geophysical maps of all European countries Detailed maps of the European Union Greece - Cyprus Major European cities Small countries Climate, energy, transport networks Economic and production maps Updated statistics Census data 2001 Photos Multi-page exercise book and test prepared by teachers Fold..
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Renewed curriculum according to the new school curriculum Political and geophysical maps of all prefectures with updated data (populations, census 2011, road network, major projects) Maps of major cities (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Larissa, Volos) Hellenism, Cyprus, European U..
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Maps show what an area of the Earth looks like when viewed from above and give us useful information such as where towns and villages are located, where mountains rise and rivers flow. A map can help us understand where we are and show us the distances between places. Maps need to contain a lot of i..
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With the «New Complete School Atlas of Greece» the student will get to know our country, but will also learn to use the maps correctly. Through well-designed, up-to-date and useful maps, detailed tables and accurate information, the student will learn about Greece's position in Europe and the world,..
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The atlases combine rich illustrations with descriptive diagrams and figures with a wealth of information to introduce readers to the basic concepts of ecology and technology. The books pay particular attention to applied science topics. The general introductory chapters that precede each book provi..
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