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In the ages of 5, 6 and 7 years, children have already developed basic skills such as writing, reading, knowing numbers and many others. Of course, it is important to practice these skills in combination with fun.Each exercise in this wonderful book, written by teachers and educators, serves a skill..
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Children of preschool age (3-5 years old) learn basic concepts and develop skills such as reasoning, learning to write and understanding numbers. It is extremely important to acquire these skills, but it is equally important for a child to have fun learning and practicing them.In this wonderful book..
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To This book was created to help students in the 3rd grade to learn how to΄ primary school class to review, consolidate and assess their knowledge of mathematics on their own. It includes, based on the sections of the textbook, 59 short assessment criteria, which are formulated in a very pleasant an..
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A wonderful activity box with the favourite activities SANTORO GORJUSS, ideal for creative occupation of children.Each box includes:• a picture book• a book with colouring pages, games and puzzles• a puzzle with 40 pieces pieces pieces for creative occupation• a board game with 4 pawns-figures• colo..
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In this small dictionary (pocket version) recorded the basic words (About 25.000) of the modern Modern Greek vocabulary and their main features of form and meanings are presented in a concise manner. The spelling of the words conforms to the rules of official grammar. The dictionary of Patakis Publi..
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Incredible dinosaur images!Unfold the pages and see life-size images of the biggest and wildest dinosaurs. Discover the actual size of a leg, a claw, and even the teeth of the Tyrannosaurus rex! Learn how dinosaurs managed to survive and dominate the Earth for 164 millions of years...
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Showing 1 to 12 of 167 (14 Pages)
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