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This book is intended to help the student to prepare well for the daily lesson, but also to give the student all the necessary tools so that in this important class he can acquire a solid foundation in Mathematics, understand it more deeply, improve his performance and love it more.The book follows ..
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Contains:Interpretive approach to all textsCurriculum vitaeAnswers to the textbook questionsAnswers to the interdisciplinary activitiesEvaluation criterion for each textParallel comparative study textsBibliographyVocabulary of literary termsCharacteristics of literary currents..
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The book «50 Evaluation Criteria – Mathematics B΄ High School» is in accordancewith the teaching instructions and the curriculum of the course.Includes:•  1 Admission criterion with the necessary knowledge from A΄ High School•  23 Evaluation Criteria examining each section of the textbook separately..
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NEW SUPPLEMENTED VERSIONAresigned helpedµa for the µstudent of the B΄ Yµas it responds to the modern approach to the teaching of learning in theµand the new teaching guidelines...
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The students of the second grade are in need:-get to know the myth and understand its plot-to find out and understand how the poet transforms the epic into an epic-the Trojan myth into an epic poem centred on the «» of Achilles (climax, evolutionary path / outcome and consequences for the Achaeans a..
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Includes the answers to the questions and the solutions to the exercises in the textbook and the workbook..
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Includes:-Special remarks for the/teachers and parents-Answers to all the questions in the textbook-Editing of interdisciplinary tasks of the textbook-Evaluation criteria (with their answers)..
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The second issue of Ancient Greek for the Gymnasium follows the philosophy and structure of the first issue. The basis for this was the Analytical Curriculum and the Interdisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Framework of the Pedagogical Institute. We have taken great care to ensure that the material ..
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The book consists of two parts (1the place: algebra, 2the place: geometry), which are divided into individual modules according to the school curriculum. Each module contains: - a complete theory written in a simple, concise and systematic way - comments and remarks entitled ''Be careful'', highli..
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This book is addressed to the students of B΄ high school students who are being taught chemistry for the first time. It aims to help students understand the course so that they can meet the demands of their classroom. At the same time, it is an important aid to help them to consolidate concepts that..
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The specificµThis book aims to meet the requirements of the µatheµof the Medieval and Modern History of B΄ Class Yµnassium, offering µa systemµa presentation of the teaching staffµhistorical periods. Therefore, by following the textbook material and µe guided by the teacher's book, the book in ea..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 74 (7 Pages)
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