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Mathematics can be a really easy subject, if it is taught properly from A level.΄ High School.This book is written in such a way that the student starts with the theory and its basic applications, continues with the solution of exercises, the difficulty of which gradually increases, and gradually re..
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This book consists of 51 Competitions – with graded difficulty – which cover all the branches of mathematics taught in the six years of primary school. Included are topics from Algebra, Geometry, Stereometry, Number Theory, Proportions, Percentages, Statistics, Probability, Space Orientation, Patter..
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The book «54 Evaluation Criteria – Mathematics A΄ High School» is in accordancewith the teaching instructions and the curriculum of the course.Includes:•  35 Evaluation Criteria examining each section of the textbook separately•  9 Summary Evaluation Criteria, one at the end of each chapter, for com..
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It contains an introduction to Epic Poetry and Homer's Odyssey, Ideological and Pragmatic analysis, answers to the textbook exercises and Assessment Criteria...
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Includes:>Detailed commentary of the Homeric text>Answers to all the questions in the textbook>Editing of interdisciplinary tasks of the textbook>Evaluation criteria (with their answers)..
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Includes:- Methodical presentation of the theory- Exemplarily solved issues- Questions - Comprehension exercises- Exercises and problems to solve- Evaluation criteria..
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Includes:- Interpretative analyses of all the texts- Answers to all the questions in the textbook- Editing of interdisciplinary tasks of the textbook- Evaluation criteria (with their answers)...
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Dear student, This book is an aid to the school textbook Modern Greek language for A level.΄ High School. It was written with the teaching objectives of the course in mind and in order to contribute to the learning of Modern Greek in an adequate and functional way. For this reason, each section of t..
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This book is an aid for the course ''Geology - Geography of A’ High School''. The chapters of this book follow the structure of the textbook. Each chapter includes: - Key words, whose definition and analysis is given. - Collaborate in class, where answers are given to the corresponding questions in..
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This book has been written to help you to meet the requirements of the A level biology course more easily and well.΄high school. The book is divided into 22 chapters, each of which generally corresponds to material that can be taught in the course of a full hour. They are contained in: - Theo..
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The aim of the book is to help you understand and remember knowledge that might otherwise be incomprehensible and tedious. The cartoonist Philippos Papanikolaou contributed substantially to the achievement of this goal with his sketches, which are both graphic and entertaining. Each section of th..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 64 (6 Pages)
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