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Mathematics can be a really easy subject, if it is taught properly from A level.΄ High School.This book is written in such a way that the student starts with the theory and its basic applications, continues with the solution of exercises, the difficulty of which gradually increases, and gradually re..
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This book aims to help you meet the requirements of the speech production exercises included in the textbook of Modern Greek Language B΄ High School. Following the material of the textbook and the development topics it proposes, we thought it would be good to include the following in this aid: -..
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The educational book Reports on the C΄ High School is an indispensable aid for the course of Modern Greek Language and corresponds to the new way of assessment (Coincidence Modern Greek Language and Literature) during the High School Preliminary Examinations.It is organised in five (5) Places:Place ..
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The book includes: - Basic theory - Theory questions - Solved exercises - Questions to answer - Evaluation criteria - Answers to the textbook topics - Answers of all questions to answer...
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