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First Reading is, perhaps, the lesson that concentrates most of the efforts of both teacher and student. Without dwelling on the importance of the lesson, which we consider indisputable, it must be admitted that the stress on both student and teacher until the students have mastered the ability to r..
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Dear Parents, In primary school students are taught the entire grammar of Modern Greek, while in secondary school the teaching of Modern Greek is limited. For this reason, it is necessary for the student from primary school to acquire a good basis in grammar, to practice spelling and to enrich his v..
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To This book was created to help students in the E΄ to summarise, consolidate and evaluate their knowledge of mathematics in the E΄ Primary school. It includes, based on the sections of the new textbooks for the school year 2018- 2019, 60 short assessment criteria, which are formulated in a very ple..
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