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It is an interesting book that combines:-the methodical weekly repetition of the material taught,-entertainment through a range of enjoyable and creative activities.Our young friends participate in the adventures of the heroes through original exercises, collect points and help them to complete diff..
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The book «Ο IQ and his friends in the land of mathematics» for the 3rd Primary School follows discreetly the material of the textbook and functions as a revision and extension book, making creative use of the children's free time. The book includes: -20 Exercise modules of graded difficulty -Annex w..
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NEW SUPPLEMENTED VERSIONIndispensable helpedµa for the µstudent of the C΄ Δηµas it responds to the modern approach to the teaching of theµatients...
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To This book was created to help students in the 3rd grade to learn how to΄ primary school class to review, consolidate and assess their knowledge of mathematics on their own. It includes, based on the sections of the textbook, 59 short assessment criteria, which are formulated in a very pleasant an..
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This book is written in accordance with the new curriculum for Mathematics in the 3rd grade.΄ Primary school. Its aim is to help students understand and consolidate their understanding of multiplication and division, as well as to cultivate their mathematical thinking in general. The exercises an..
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This book aims to teach the student of the 3rd grade to learn the΄ to be able to express their knowledge and experiences correctly through the written word. To learn to use new information, to think and reflect. Each module includes: α) short text (the subject of which is related to the correspondi..
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The book ''I am becoming excellent at spelling'' is addressed to the children of the C΄ Elementary school and was created to test and practice the knowledge they acquire in the language course. It follows a lesson-lesson the Language C textbook΄ Primary school. Through crossword puzzles, crypto puzz..
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This book of the series ''Practising the Language'' follows lesson lesson lesson the textbook of C’ It is designed to help students to fully understand the material of the Language of the 3rd grade.’ Primary school in a fun and enjoyable way. Through crossword puzzles, crypto puzzles, picture cro..
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The aim of this book is to give you the best understanding of what is in your textbook and what is important in your daily life. Each teaching unit includes: - The main points of the lesson, the things to remember. - Answers to the questions in the student's book. - Answers to the activities in th..
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Dear Parents, This book is intended to help young students in their language learning. To this end, it follows the textbook lesson by lesson, emphasizing grammar, syntax, spelling and vocabulary according to the rules of the new school grammar. The lessons in each section include: - Editing the..
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Dear Parents, This book is written according to the syllabus of the textbook ''Mathematics C’ Primary school''. It is structured in corresponding chapters and operates in parallel and complementary to them. It was created based on the modern methodological approaches to the teaching of mathematic..
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Dear Parents, In primary school students are taught the entire grammar of Modern Greek, while in secondary school the teaching of Modern Greek is limited. For this reason, it is necessary for the student from primary school to acquire a good basis in grammar, to practice spelling and to enrich his v..
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