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The present book, which is based on the new way of examining the course of Modern Greek Language and Literature, aims to fully meet the needs of students for their successful response to the topics of the Panhellenic Examinations, as well as those of teachers by providing them with material arranged..
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This book aims to help students in the 3rd grade to΄ Lyceum in preparation for the national examination in Modern Greek Language and Literature.The book includes:• 70 Assessment Criteria with topics covering the entire syllabus of the Panhellenic Examinations, with a variety of text types suitable f..
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This book was written to help students and teachers in their daily studies.The first part (per course) contains ten-minute assessment criteria, so that the student can be tested in the home study or in the daily examination in the school or tutorial classroom.The second part (per capital) contains t..
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The educational book Assessment Criteria in Modern Greek C΄ Lyceum for the uniform examination in Modern Greek Language and Literature was written according to the new way of assessing the course.Includes forty-seven (47) Evaluation Criteria a new type which are thematically related to the units tau..
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This book is a continuation of our corresponding book «Modern Greek Language and Literature 3rd General Lyceum - 40 Evaluation Criteria». It has Evaluation Criteria of graded difficulty, enabling students to/candidates to prepare themselves more fully and effectively for the demanding subjects of th..
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In C Mathematics΄ There are many new and usually difficult concepts in the high school curriculum, but they can be understood by all students with proper study and systematic practice.This book is a complete aid. The material is divided into sections, each of which contains:• Theory.• Basic solved e..
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This is a new edition of this resource. It contains all the interpretative comments on the analysis of the texts of the Material File that are necessary for the proper preparation of candidates for the Panhellenic examinations. THE B΄ This volume contains the Themes D-F of the File (Teaching modules..
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This book is the first study guide & mixed reality occupations in Greece in which «come to life» the information! A study guide in which you can listen, see and of course read information about all departments of Higher Education and related professions. In this unique book, edited by our scient..
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This book contains:-Answers to the exercises - textbook tasks-Evaluation criteria with their answers-Topics for text production-Language exercises-Topics given in the General Daily and Evening Lyceum examinations...
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This book is addressed to students in the Humanities Orientation Group. It contains a large number of closed vocabulary exercises, which are divided into the following sections of the textbook (Material Folder) and give students the opportunity to prepare themselves perfectly for the relevant topic ..
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The textbook Physics C΄ High School - Electromagnetism (Orientation in Science Studies) includes the chapters: Magnetic field of current-carrying conductors - Electromagnetic force, Electromagnetic induction, Alternating current and is organized into 10 teaching modules, each of which contains: -..
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Persuasion is, as a matter of fact, becoming more and more necessary not only as a feeling, but also as a way of life. Persuasion is based on and serves the noblest values of man: truth, freedom, justice, peace, beauty. That is why its word is irresistible, even if lies, injustice and violence tem..
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