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Children's Books 7-10 Years

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- I'm smashing my keppali to remember if I filled the bubble gum in the ferry. The man you just heard speak is Tryphon the parrot, who confuses pi with fi. In this book, he'll be squeaking and you'll be laughing your head off. You may cry, I don't know, but what I do know for sure is that Tryphon wi..
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Penny is 10 and her dream is to become a detective. She sees mysteries and suspects everywhere…Wedding alarm! Penny and her detective squad are thrilled: Their beloved teacher, Mrs Weinerlein, and the school caretaker, Mr Ortell, finally get married. Penny, Ida, Marie and Flora are not only bridesma..
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Christiana loves football. She looks forward to the breaks and friendly matches in the schoolyard! But some boys, like Antonis, cause her problems. Will Christiana be able to assert her right to play outside the boxes that others have for her?’ her; How she will manage not to be hurt by injustice an..
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Andreas makes life difficult for Leonidas at school. Leonidas does not react. Peter, Leonidas' neighbor, faces the dilemma: To go against his fear and speak out at the risk of becoming a target; Or go against his conscience and keep quiet to protect himself; I wonder if these are the only two option..
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SOMETHING PORCELAIN IS COMING THIS WAY.…Kabinesh Turbo 2000 counterattacks! The carnivorous basin that devours everything in its path returns and has a mad appetite for… ADVERTISEMENT! George, Harold and their nemesis, Melvin Snidely, hold the fate of humanity in their hands. Will the Power of Darkn..
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HAS CAPTAIN BRACA COME TO AN END; The last time we saw them, George and Harold had turned into huge nerds-zombies, doomed to wander eternally in a devastated, post-apocalyptic-apocalyptic planet. You may wonder why Captain Vraka did not save them from this terrible fate. Because Pippi Chirlipippi an..
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Giovanni's ice cream shop has the best ice cream in town. It's where Clouse buys his favorite cone: a lemon ball, a chocolate ball. One day someone gives Giovanni a strange African mask.And from then on, everything goes wrong at the ice cream shop: the espresso machine catches fire, the ice cream ma..
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You believe in the power of friendship;Sita and her friends believe! And when they meet the Asterozoa, a new magical world unfolds before them.As soon as Westcombe entered the competition for the most beautiful town, mysterious things started to happen at night. The girls were certain that their bel..
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The case takes place in 1907, when the Macedonian Struggle is at its height and the Greek Macedonian gladiators, Captain Agras and Captain Nikiforos, have secured significant successes with which to support the persecuted Greek populations.However, the Bulgarian komitaji proved to be brutal and crue..
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Time to play µt µlittle dragon Coconut and his company!You can find the mistakes in the shadows of the three friends;Which µpalons have the same letterµµα;Where is his hiding place µof a great dragonµRetrieved from µin the cryptographyµRetrieved from µµα;Compare pictures, sudoku, games µe writeµµand..
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Time to play with the little dragon Coconut and his gang!Which route will the three friends take to get out of the jungle without waking up Tiger?;Will Oscar be able to cross the river safely;Which snake must Coconut eliminate to save Matilda?;Riddles, mazes, picture comparison and many more activit..
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Every morning when Marcos has to go to school he is terribly sleepy. But when he finally goes to the kitchen to drink his cocoa, incredible things happen.! A fish swims in his cup and becomes his best friend! (FROM THE PRESENTATION ON THE BACK COVER OF THE BOOK)...
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Showing 1 to 12 of 1150 (96 Pages)
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