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Children's Books 4-6 Years

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Meet the biggest and most impressive animals that have ever walked the Earth - the amazing dinosaurs! Find out who was the biggest, who was the fastest and who was the most... bloodthirsty! For more than 150 Millions of years ago, herds of giant herbivorous dinosaurs and packs of cunning carnivores ..
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Learn all about farm animals and become a champion in knowledge! The box includes 50 cards with 150 fun questions , graded in 3 difficulty levels. In addition, on each card you will find original information about the farm animals.!..
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Have you ever wondered where and how dinosaur fossils were found; You want to discover dinosaurs too; How palaeontologists work and what fossils they have discovered; What evidence is there for Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops;-Read the "Fossil Hunter's Handbook", which you will find in the book...
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50 interactive and fun cards with 150 questions and answers to learn all about dinosaurs...
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He travelled to prehistoric Earth when huge creatures ran, fought and flew through the air. Some of them were tall as towers, some had teeth as big as bananas and some had trumpets on their heads! In this book the world of dinosaurs comes to life. Read the little books, spin the wheel, open the litt..
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Make your own declarationsµ µwith these wonderful books! Place µa blank page behind the stencil you want to use every time you want to use the stencil.µmodifications and schemesµbuilt the plan by following µe the µYour Olive Tree of the Grapes of Wrathµµs of the stencil. Then look at the image of th..
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Did you know that the Duplicate was the size of a house and that the Tyrannosaurus could swallow you whole; Travel through time and meet the amazing dinosaurs. - The impressive colourfulµphotos and the simple textµunity will delight the µsmall readers. - IncludeµInstructions for parents, kindergarte..
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But there are aliens; Somewhere out there, some people need Zachariah for a… very unusual mission!The new adventure of the beloved Wolf Zacharias!..
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The gods of Olympus are looking for someone to save the humans from the terrible and terrible creatures they are in danger from. Who could do it; Only one hero… In the pages of this fascinating book, with its excellent text and rich illustrations, the myth of Hercules versus the lion of Nemea and th..
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You were born to be so many things! Wherever your journey takes you, don't forget: - be curious… - be adventurous… - be patient… - be brave… And above all’ all… BE YOURSELF! A book-a hymn to individuality, perseverance and the value of staying true to one's’ what you are!..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 1990 (166 Pages)
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