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The little boy hangs on top of her, his little hands tied around her neck, his little face nestled in her bosom. The mother clutches him in her clasp, breathing longingly on his breaths and a moment of heart. A moment for her last look, her last tear, her last words. «My son.… My Haiti…» Just a mome..
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Covering the history of Europe from the invention of printing to the French Revolution, the book you are holding in your hands sketches in an innovative way the diverse experiences of the people of the early modern period and places European historical developments in a global context. (. . .) In th..
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The path of Ioannis Kapodistrias to glory and death - from his birth in the occupied Ionian Islands to his tragic end in Nafplio. The story of the first Greek governor, a lonely hero, who without a second thought gave himself to Greece and even dried up his heart so that his homeland could live. He ..
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The woman who loved but could not marry, the woman who married but could not love, the rebellious daughter she could not control and the possessive sister who controlled everything. The book records the personal life of the richest man in the world, Aristotle Onassis, and his family as experience..
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Ο ''Alexander the Great'' of Greek sport remembers and recounts moments of a great career on the pitches and in the world. He brings the game of his life back to life in a book. He plays ball again! With the bicephalo on the chest, with the national emblem, but also with our memories and with everyt..
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The apnea prevents the Greek fleet from starting against the Trojans. They remain immobilized at Avlida. The words of the soothsayer Kalcha are inexorable.: ''The winds of urine will not blow unless Iphigenia is sacrificed.''. Agamemnon, commander-in-chief and father, faces a terrible dilemma... The..
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