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The authors of this book aim to answer as many questions as possible about pregnancy, childbirth and the early years of the child. They don't just want to point out what is important and what is not, they want to debunk myths and moralisms in order to help new parents protect both their time and the..
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BREATHE DEEPLY AND RELAXTune your breathing to reduce stress, boost your energy and have a full, happy life.A manual of breathing techniques which:• is addressed to anyone who is looking for tranquility, clarity and well-being,• covers many different schools – inter alia:Zen, pranayama and holotropi..
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SUPER MAN, RELEASE YOUR INNER ENERGY AND SHINE!Whether you're trapped in a rut and need inspiration to start over, or you're looking for guidance to conquer happiness, this book is for you. It includes tips to help you look your best every day, even when everything goes wrong...
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A complete and detailed guide to the most important event in a woman's life! Bringing together the expertise of a team of experts under the guidance of an obstetrician, this book includes reliable advice on all aspects of pregnancy, from prenatal care to the needs of the newborn, three-dimensional p..
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ATTENTION! You hold in your hands an invaluable manual for training combat fathers. Written by former commando and father of three Neal Sinclair, this handbook will teach you in a few words and in a nutshell how to: Organize for the arrival of the recruit. Prepare nutritious meals for your unit. D..
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This book is aimed at women who want to protect themselves from breast cancer and women who have already been affected by breast cancer. The author, the Robert Arnot, based on the most recent and valid scientific studies, proposes an easy and effective way of action: Make your diet a shield of prote..
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With the Dr. Dellis Diet: - weight loss is faster - hunger is less - insulin is drastically reduced, so this diet is also an excellent choice for diabetic obese patients - cholesterol is reduced - patients say they want to continue because it is easy and they lose weight without deprivation - is A..
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A fully revised and modernised version. The perfect practical guide to pregnancy and childbirth for all parents-to-be. Information and instructions for all stages - from the planning of conception to the first days of life. ( . . .) ..
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Our Internet search resulted in a love story within a month, when we suddenly felt alone at the dawn of a new era. As if we were made for each other. Such confidence is created by the abuse of AIDS, if you turn it upside down. Everything then takes care of itself. Like a domino effect again. But on ..
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A practical manual that answers 312 questions commonly asked by people with allergies.Experienced and qualified doctors answer accurately 100%It provides practical advice to help you deal with the allergies that plague you...
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