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Create your own country with unicorns. Build 6 magnets for the fridge, 2 mosaics with glitter and sand and a crystal sun trap. Bring your unicorns to life with the app AR Technology. Instructions in Greek are included..
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Give the robot a coin and watch it swallow it in an instant with its jaw! Instructions are included in Greek...
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Make your own science experiments. H series ANAYCYCLE WITH teaches children the value of recycling and how they can turn used items from home into useful toys and crafts.Includes: AStickers Xeven pattern Ecraft idea O..
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With this educational game you can observe physical and chemical phenomena by doing experiments and become a real scientist.! The illustrated instruction book will show you step by step-step how to do all the suggested experiments and explain the scientific principles behind them.CONTENTS:• Chemical..
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Assemble your own flamingo-shaped room light! You can either hang it on the wall or place it freely in the room. It is the perfect decoration for any girls' room! Instructions are included in Greek...
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Children prepare a costume party and try on the craziest costumes! Dressing up as kings, footballers and everything else you can imagine!See their original disguises and use your magnetic letters to write the missing word on each page.At the end of the book there is space to write other words of you..
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It is a hydraulic, robotic arm from the company 4m with water as a key ingredient for its operation. Build the arm, watch it swing and learn about the wonders of robotics. You can guide it to grab and lift objects you want! Instructions are included in Greek. Packaging dimensions: 37.5 ect. x 28.5 e..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 33 (3 Pages)
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