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Mattel Barbie Nurse Blonde Nurse Doll 30 Ek. GTW39..
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Have fun exploring pasta with the pasta chef doll Barbie and related accessories. Wearing a colorful chef top, macaroni pants, a white chef hat and a sporty ponytail, the doll Barbie Pasta Chef is ready to make pasta and cook for a delicious meal. The pasta chef Barbie Doll can hold the pasta cutter..
Ex Tax:8.86€
Brand: Mattel
Barbie Birthday Party Doll with Accessories..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Ex Tax:20.15€
Age : 3YEARS+Dimensions in cm (ΜxΥxΠ) : 15.24x32.385x6.033Whether they take place in the castle of a fairytale kingdom or in the clearing of a forest, weddings are perfect! Now girls can make their own happy ending with the doll Baie A bride who is ready to live her own fairy tale. She wears a strap..
Ex Tax:12.09€
Mini Princesses Barbie at 5 plans (each sold separately)...
Ex Tax:3.22€
Barbie Extra dolls with bright colors make big statements! Every doll Barbie® has her own unique style that is playful and over the top. And their pets - each different and all adorable - have tons of personality! The Barbie Extra allow children to explore their own self-exploration-expression throu..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: Mattel
H Barbie® comes to help with the mobile clinic - ambulance of the - just press the button to sound the siren! Lift the lever on the back of the colourful vehicle to instantly transform it into a mobile clinic. Η Barbie® can welcome its patients at the reception stand that is raised in the centre of ..
Ex Tax:48.38€
Barbie Fashion Pack Shoe Shoes..
Ex Tax:2.41€
Brighten up the game with the magical Barbie® Princess of the Rainbow! Brush her long hair to see her outfit light up and hear a melody! Play over and over again and enjoy four different "shows" with lights and melodies. One of the tunes is the theme song from the movie Barbie™ Dreamtopia. Brush her..
Ex Tax:16.12€
Showing 1 to 12 of 66 (6 Pages)
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