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Play with magnetic cursive letters and make little words in no time!With the two-sided board the child can form words with the magnetic letters, draw with the chalks, write with the marker or erase with the sponge, and all this together in a suitcase for easy transportation!FEATURES98 magnetic plast..
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In each of these original boxes you will find 5 books with wonderful photos and 5 original cubes that will teach you the colours and your first words in a fun and creative way!..
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The Puzzle numbers combines the ordering stories of Aesop's fables with the joy of building a Puzzle! At the same time constructing the Puzzle children learn the first numbers and how to count to five!..
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The playful little animals all live together in the jungle and their lives are full of adventures. Come on an exciting jungle safari, meet the animals and see how they live and how willingly they help each other. You can find out which of the animals are the best of the bunch.’ these are kind-hearte..
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Become one of the most famous mythical heroes, duel with your opponents, face gods and mythical creatures and experience the fascinating world of Greek mythology.Contains:-Illustrated book 48 pages with gods and heroes of Greek mythology. -100 cards with 300 knowledge questions. -50 cards with h..
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Get ready for a wonderful journey of knowledge in the fascinating world of Science through the pages of the educational book.Make the first introduction to Chemistry, Biology and Physics!Have fun learning about the DNA and genes, elements and individuals and have fun making the Periodic Table pu..
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How many Greek writers have been awarded the Nobel Prize?; Picasso or Da Vinci painted the «Mona Lisa»; Test your knowledge and compete with your friends with the new board game 50-50 Arts Quiz! By 600 questions covering a variety of topics, you learn the most interesting and curious information.Rul..
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A beautiful 3D view camera, the ideal gift for the little ones fans of space and dinosaurs.By 2 discs from 14 pictures in each!!!..
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Become an astronaut and travel into space with the company's magnetic board game The Purple Cow.  Choose your spaceship, roll the dice and explore the galaxy. Race your opponents from the earth to the sun. Have fun in the car, on the plane, on vacation and wherever else you wish.The package includes..
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The classic educational board game Hangman in magnetic format and in a travel pack. Find the word hidden by the opponent without driving the zebra into the hangman! A communicative game of guessing the correct word or phrase of the opponent that helps in learning spelling. Includes 126 magnetic lett..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 52 (5 Pages)
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