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Puzzle 2-99 Tracks

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Set up the magnetic frame, put the vehicles in place, build your own set and spend hours of play and relaxation! The package contains 1 magnetic frame and 26 magnetic tracks...
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Puzzle Princesses Luna Toys ideal educational game for children's leisure time at home and on holidays. The children build with the 42 tiger pieces a wonderful puzzle that depicts 2 Princesses, while developing motor skills, perception, memory and observation. - Brand: Luna Toys- Manufacturer: Diaka..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Contains: 3 children's puzzles 49 pieces! For moments of relaxation and fun with the children's favorite heroes!..
Ex Tax:7.25€
Puzzle with 24 pieces from the company Diakakis and three posters for your kids to colour in on the theme of space!..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Children's puzzle with which you can create 6 otherwise puzzle - Farm animals. Horse, cow, bunny or rabbit... Which animal will you make in puzzle;18 Tracks puzzle: 2 puzzle of 2 tracks 2 puzzle of 3 tracks 2 puzzle of 4 tracks..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Discover inside this box a fantastictrain-puzzles with favourite animals anda book of happy rhymes, which helpin learning first words and concepts,as well as the cultivation of the finemobility of infants...
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Ex Tax:9.65€
Children's puzzle with which you can create 6 otherwise puzzle - Games! Bicycle, drone, train or… Which game will you make in puzzle;Contents24 Tracks puzzle2 puzzle of 2 tracks2 puzzle of 4 tracks2 puzzle of 6 tracks..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Floor puzzle with the animals of the farm, with 48 large pieces.With bright, vibrant colours and excellent quality, they capture the interest of our little friends.Box dimensions: 9x30x24Piece dimensions: 12x16Puzzle dimensions: 90x60..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Double-sided floor puzzle with 48 pieces and your favorite Pepa the piggy! The front side of the puzzle is printed while the back side is colourable so you can spend pleasant hours playing and painting with your children..
Ex Tax:7.66€
Wooden puzzles-cubes.With the wooden cubes-puzzles the child can createsix different designs of favorite animals and improve hand synchronization-eye.Suitable for ages 2 years old+.Dimensions: 10,5x10.5ect.Ask us for availability on the plans...
Ex Tax:2.74€
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