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Puzzle Princesses Luna Toys ideal educational game for children's leisure time at home and on holidays. The children build with the 42 tiger pieces a wonderful puzzle that depicts 2 Princesses, while developing motor skills, perception, memory and observation. - Brand: Luna Toys- Manufacturer: Diaka..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Contains: 3 children's puzzles 49 pieces! For moments of relaxation and fun with the children's favorite heroes!..
Ex Tax:7.25€
Puzzle with 24 pieces from the company Diakakis and three posters for your kids to colour in on the theme of space!..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Children's puzzle with which you can create 6 otherwise puzzle - Farm animals. Horse, cow, bunny or rabbit... Which animal will you make in puzzle;18 Tracks puzzle: 2 puzzle of 2 tracks 2 puzzle of 3 tracks 2 puzzle of 4 tracks..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Discover inside this box a fantastictrain-puzzles with favourite animals anda book of happy rhymes, which helpin learning first words and concepts,as well as the cultivation of the finemobility of infants...
11.97€ 13.30€
Ex Tax:9.65€
Puzzle Trefl: Let's attack 100 pcsPieces puzzle: 100Dimensions puzzle: 41x28 cmIndicative age: 5+..
Ex Tax:4.44€
Assemble the 100 pieces of the puzzle. Use the magic mask and read the secret messages from the kingdom of unicorns.Contains: Puzzle 100 dimension pieces 49Χ36, magic mask.Develops the self-confidence...
Ex Tax:10.40€
Puzzle 260 pieces, 28χ38 ect. Box dimensions : 18,5χ27χ3,5 ect. Greek puzzles and games that develop concentration, children's observation and ambition. The pieces are in their box and also in a transparent bag with zipper so they don't get lost...
Ex Tax:4.02€
Showing 1 to 12 of 132 (11 Pages)
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