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Brand: Metron ArtKind of: Block PlanPress: Charcoal – Pencil - MarkerNumber of sheets: 80 SheetsDimensions:  Α4Paper weight: 100 grCover story: HardUse: Professional & amateur     Spiral design block with hard black cover for ease of use and stability.Suitable for drawing or painting with pencil..
Ex Tax:4.84€
Thickness of tissue paper 5mm.Color: black (black sponge-black cardboard).Dimensions: 50x70ect...
Ex Tax:3.06€
Thickness of tissue paper 3mm.Color: black (black sponge-black cardboard).Dimensions: 50x70ect...
Ex Tax:2.26€
Thickness of tissue paper 10mm.Color: white.Dimensions: 70x100ect...
Ex Tax:6.45€
Thickness of tissue paper 10mm.Color: white.Dimensions: 50χ70ect...
Ex Tax:3.87€
Brand: SALKO
*Before you complete the order, we would ask you to tell us in the comments which design you would like us to send you. Otherwise the selection will be made randomly...
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Brand: SALKO
Your imagination can now take shape with the Salco Free Drawing upright sketchbook, ideal for pencil and charcoal drawing, for both amateur and professional designers! With dimensions 30x40cm and 14 leaves of 140g, it's ideal for drawing, erasing and redrawing without fear of melting or tearing the ..
Ex Tax:1.94€
White cardboard model "sandwiches".Ideal for making architectural models, technology models, jigsaw puzzles and many other uses.Lightweight, easy to cut with a cutter, can be glued and painted.Suitable for students and professionals...
Ex Tax:3.06€
Showing 1 to 12 of 15 (2 Pages)
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