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Blackboard colour with water base.   A great idea to decorate walls, ceilings, plasterboard as well as surfaces made of wood, glass, ceramics and various objects that you can decorate with your personal taste.Blackboard paint offers great coverage, excellent writing surface, excellent resistance to ..
Ex Tax:3.95€
Colorless water glue for technique decoupage, ready to use. It has very good adhesion to glass, wood, wax and primer Gesso decoupage. It is applied with a brush and the tools to be used are easily cleaned with water...
Ex Tax:2.42€
Awater wheat white. It closes the pores in absorbent materials and prepares the surface for any kind of technique.It has great coverage and adhesion on all surfaces such as paper, wood, glass, stone, styrofoam, metal, etc.Apply with a brush or sponge (tamponade). The cleaning of the tools is done wi..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Water-based wax patinas in rich fancy metallic shades. Suitable for all surfaces, with excellent adhesion. Waterproof when dry, retaining their shine and distinctive silky texture. Apply in thin coats with a sponge, cotton cloth or even by hand. Available in 12 beautiful metallic shades, with the po..
Ex Tax:2.26€
Showing 1 to 12 of 29 (3 Pages)
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