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Colourless water varnish for technique decoupage ready to use. It is applied with a brush or sponge, as a finishing touch on all surfaces.It becomes waterproof when dry and is resistant to outdoor use. Cleaning of tools is done with water...
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The clay Fimo Soft and Effect 56 is ideal for the creation of decorative objects, jewellery and not only.Create unique jewellery and other decorative objects with clay Staedtler Fimo.- Bold colours that remain unchanged over timeBake in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for 30minutes until firm. When ..
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Metallic paint markers for various surfaces. Ideal for decorating cards, wood, glass, leather, plastic, stone, modelling materials Das etc. The paints are indelible on porous surfaces and can be removed from smooth surfaces using a damp cloth. For this reason, markers are recommended for use on glas..
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Multi-surface markers for decorating cardboard, wood, glass, leather, plastic, stone, materials Das modelling, metal, etc...
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Markers for fabrics – for decoration of all types of fabrics. They colour the surfaces indelibly and are resistant to machine washing up to 40°. All the inks of the Decor Textile are water-based and completely safe. The markers have a special tip, specially designed for use on fabrics. Blocked tip, ..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 837 (70 Pages)
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