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Plasticine - Clay - Gypsum

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Create whatever you want with these 4 jars Playdoh...
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The clay Fimo Soft and Effect 57 is ideal for the creation of decorative objects, jewellery and not only.Create unique jewellery and other decorative objects with clay Staedtler Fimo.- Bold colours that remain unchanged over timeBake in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for 30minutes until firm. When ..
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Plastozymaraki Luna let your imagination create colorful and unexpected combinations- Ideal for children 3+ years old.- Easy to clean, without getting your hands dirty..
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Η Staedtler presents the revolutionary clay Fimo Leather Effect, a polymeric clay which, after firing its appearance and texture is like real leather!The thin pieces of Fimo Leather Effect can to be curved, sewn and integrated.Ideal for creation jewellery, accessories and decorative objects!Η "inten..
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Plasticine Jovi 50 grams 70. Herbal, non-toxic product. Resilient, even at low temperatures. Does not dry out. Possibility of mixing different colours of plasticine.The product is available in various designs or colours...
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At HEY CLAY we create fantastic creations from clay! We have created an interactive set of games and activities where we promote children's development with a combination of physical and digital products. The unique properties of clay make the creation process a wonderful and enjoyable experience wh..
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Clay DAS Idea Mix,air-drying, in colour portoro black. Can be used with clay DAS white or terracotta, allowing you to create natural and unique marble effects. At 6 bright colours reminiscent of most marbles and rocks found in nature, creating monochrome or multicoloured, beautiful ripples in white ..
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Game is taking shape. Giotto Patplume is the latest generation of plasticine. Ideal for kindergartens and younger children of primary school. Gluten-free, they can be used with complete safety by sufferers. Ideal for making small objects, it is available in many bright colours that can be mixed in i..
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Modeling is fun! Discover a new world of creativity with Giotto Be-be plasticine! This soft plasticine is created from all natural ingredients for safe play and helps improve skills, even in very young children. Dermatologically tested, it does not stain or leave marks. It is very easy to remove fro..
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The package contains clay DAS self-drying modelling in brown colour that air dries.The clay is ready for use when the package is opened.It dries gradually in the air and can be used in moulds and for sculpture.It can be painted with all kinds of colours...
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JOVI Plasticine 10 Colors 226.90-10..
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The quick mix, in proportion 1 to 5, softens polymeric clays that have hardened or dried out, without altering the colour or simply to make the polymeric clays whiter. In a larger proportion it can be used to make colours brighter...
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