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Comfortable grip for relaxed writing.Recommended in’those who write a lot at work or in the office.Choose from a full range of ballpoint pens with writing thickness options (0,5-0,7-1,0-1,4) with a lid...
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Pentel MWL5M Maxiflo whiteboard marker. The markers have the system Maxiflo which guarantees use of the marker until the last drop! When it starts to blur, simply place the cap on the back of the marker and press once or twice to get the ink down the tip...
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Scraper double barrel with a small pencil. It has two sizes of scraper and opening the lid empties the scrapings.- Scraper dimensions : 3,5 cm diameter x 6,5 cm Height- Pencil dimensions : 8,8 cm Height..
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With the new collection Macaron from the Deli The underlining markers Macaron with the four unique pastel their colours will make your notes stand out! Their nose is specially designed to offer writing range 1mm and 4mm. The ink dries immediately after underlining and is suitable for all types of pa..
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Underlining marker PELIKAN TEXTMARKER 490. High quality marking thanks to the high brightness and good ink transparency. Secure cap "Twist-off". Mwater-based helan that guarantees uniform flow on practically all types of paper. Eown nose for marking. High performance thanks to the large amount of in..
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In an age dominated by computers and the Internet, the Internet, can people still get excited about pencils, yes, they can.: short, long, round, square, soft to write, with integrated eraser - there is no end to innovation. The one-of-a-kind pencil, unlike any other in the world: GRIP 2001. The pat..
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Teveryone's favorite pen. The Bic Cristal has a hexagonal crystalline stem that allows you to easily see the amount of remaining ink. It offers continuous writing without interruptions and smudges while the thick tip is made from a durable ink. 1.0mm suitable for rich, bold writing...
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Tthe pen Energel has a special waterproof ink. Over time, conventional inks gel tend to fade and blur, but this ink is durable. That's why it's perfect for signing your documents. Its design is modern and elegant, which has a metal clip and is made of 54% recycled material...
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Box marker economic. With round nose. Suitable for any surface, disposable with safety cap...
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Pen G-2 gel with rubber grip for a stable grip - comfortable grip & stainless steel nose. A new dimension in writing.Ideal shape , ink gel & button for a great result.Accepts spare part...
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Ask us for availability on the plans...
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Showing 1 to 12 of 575 (48 Pages)
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