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Brand: DeliKind of: Adhesive tape baseColor: Miscellaneous#delibash Buy the base and get gift adhesive tape Deli! Adhesive tape base Deli.Ideal for both the office and the home.In bright colours that stand out.Suitable for adhesive tapes 18 mm.In various colours.Ask us for the availability of colour..
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Ask us for availability on the plans...
Ex Tax:1.77€
Super Clear adhesive tape together with a snail in a practical package blister.The tape is easy to cut even by hand and offers a firm bond.The surface of the tape is ideal for writing with pencil or pen.The slugger offers a stable base for the tape and uniform cutting in one movement, and it accepts..
Ex Tax:2.02€
Brand: Deli Width: 18 mm Length: 33 m Color: Galactero..
Ex Tax:0.65€
Η tesa Extra Power® Perfect is the highest quality of the tesa for users with high quality requirements. Clean, professional results for easy and difficult repair, renovation and maintenance tasks...
Ex Tax:2.82€
Brand: AnkerKind of: Packaging TapePress: Double sidedDimensions: 38mm x 10m..
Ex Tax:1.21€
Double-sided adhesive tape ANKER, 38mm x 5m...
Ex Tax:0.73€
Showing 1 to 12 of 39 (4 Pages)
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