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The new staplers Macaron in three unique pastel colors come to cheer us up and organize our documents.Made with a metal frame and plastic lining, they can withstand time and everyday use.They shall contract up to 25 sheets at the same time, while they take wires No 24/6mm and No 26/6 mm.Their elegan..
Ex Tax:2.42€
Brand: DeliKind of: StaplerPress: HandSewing ability: 30 Sheetsdeligrafpres  Stapler Deli Handheld, in silver color.Appropriate selection for the office, but also for the home.Requires 50% less power than common staples.Accepts spare parts No12 24/6 26/6.Ask us for the availability of colours...
Ex Tax:6.85€
Brand: DeliKind of: StaplerPress: Long ArmSewing ability: 25 Sheets#deliheavy  Stapler Deli of metal construction.With depth Sewing up to 31 εκατοasts.Appropriate selection for the office.Ask us for the availability of colours...
Ex Tax:5.65€
Sturdy construction with metal frame, for permanent stapling up to 23 sheets for documents and notes all gathered in one place. It has high strength and stable performance, accepts  wires 24/6mm for stitching larger volumes of work...
Ex Tax:11.29€
Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)
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