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Comfortable grip for relaxed writing.Recommended in’those who write a lot at work or in the office.Choose from a full range of ballpoint pens with writing thickness options (0,5-0,7-1,0-1,4) with a lid...
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PENS SUPER GRIP FINE PILOT. The Super Grip fine of Pilot is a retractable nib, capless, long-lasting pen that offers high comfort and excellent writing quality. Features  marbles from carbide which keeps its shape unchanged even after exhaustive use...
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Teveryone's favorite pen. The Bic Cristal has a hexagonal crystalline stem that allows you to easily see the amount of remaining ink. It offers continuous writing without interruptions and smudges while the thick tip is made from a durable ink. 1.0mm suitable for rich, bold writing...
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Pen G-2 gel with rubber grip for a stable grip - comfortable grip & stainless steel nose. A new dimension in writing.Ideal shape , ink gel & button for a great result.Accepts spare part.Packaging : Box 12 piecesWeight 10.6gStroke width 0.39mmNose 0.7mmWriting Fine..
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Pen Gel with rubber grip in metallic colours. Modern design, new composition for smoother writing and resistance to water and fading. Ideal for designs on cards, invitations etc. but also on darker papers. Writing time 250m.Writing thickness 1,0..
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The pens type ballpoint and mechanical pencils GRIP 2011 will impress those who love creative writing: their ergonomic triangular shape and ideal weight ensure relaxed writing for many hours. Also, the whole range has an attractive design: the characteristic dots on the anti-slip GRIP their handle «..
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The ballpoint pen Gold Fabe of Faber Castell is one of the most classic and beloved pen options. Due to its hexagonal shape it is ideal for everyday use. Tits ink stands the test of time and does not fade even after a long time...
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Lifetime pens SUPERB with the classic design that has been used for years by pupils, students, offices, public services, etc. Duration of writing over 1000m...
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• Pen with cap• Eown ink type gel constant flow & smooth writing• Kionic fine writing nose• At 3 Colors..
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Economical pen with ergonomic triangular barrelHigh-quality needle, with an extremely long service lifeWith ventilated lid..
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Showing 1 to 12 of 189 (16 Pages)
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