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Harry Potter is a lovable little boy whose destiny is different from that of other children his age. He loses his parents and is forced to live with his uncle, aunt and spoiled cousin. As the years go by and Harry continues to suffer near his relatives, he receives a letter inviting him to attend Ho..
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Open the magical book made of blocks and enter the dungeon of Hogwarts™! Professor Snape's filter class is about to begin. Quickly! Take your equipment off the shelf and come along with Draco Malfoy™ and Seamus Milligan™ as the Head of the Slytherin Dome™ teaches the magical art of potion making. Nu..
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It is a beautiful school bag, a practical multi-purpose backpack from the company Graffiti on the subject of Hufflepuff, from the series Harry Potter Teens. Spacious, as it has 2 main places for notebooks and books, 1 smaller on the front side and 2 side panels for various other objects, useful, nec..
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«Neither can live as long as the other is alive, and one of us will be gone forever…» Harry Potter..
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Canteen – Thermos Harry Potter of the house Gryffindor!Suitable for cold and hot drinks.Capacity: 500 mlMaterial: Aluminium..
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Ask us for availability on the plans...
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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)
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